Who is CareGo® For?

Anyone with a physical or mental limitation, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, PTSD, and TBI, which requires assistance to manage.
Does your elderly parent sometimes forget to take his or her medications? Do you worry that your loved one may not feel well today and that you won’t know? Do you live in another city or state so you can’t visit as frequently as you would like to? Do you have a client that lives remotely or rurally and inclement weather sometimes prevents you from seeing him or her? CareGo® remotely monitors health and wellness, in a dignified and respectful manner, and then lets you to know how your loved one is doing. CareGo® Clients.

How does CareGo® Work?

CareGo® integrates medical treatments, assessments, strategies, patient and caregiver communication CareGo® is a hardware and software system which assists families, professional caregivers, and clients in managing in-home care. Medication reminders and easy-to-use health measurement devices play a critical role in maintaining health and reducing healthcare costs. Two-way video calling, regular alerts, and reporting improve overall communication and care coordination. More on how CareGo® works.


CareGo® is one integrated system that includes many important features needed for families and caregivers to assist loved ones and clients living at home. Medication reminders play a critical role in helping maintain health and reduce healthcare use. Two way video and other forms of communication improve care coordination. Health measurements and daily questionnaires identify health problems early. Click "CareGo® System".