CareGo® System

POCA Home/Default Page, Daily Calendar View including Reminders & Appointments

POCA Home/Default Page, Daily Calendar View including Reminders & Appointments

The basic CareGo™  System includes a touch-screen computer pre-programmed with IngeniumCare’s proprietary communication application. This hardware and program package is called Point of Care Appliance, or POCA.  POCA was designed to be easy for even the most novice computer user.

  • No keyboard
  • No mouse
  • Audio and visual alerts
  • 20 inch, touch screen

POCA provides:

  • Reminders to take medications, health measurements, attend appointments, and other important calendar events. A sophisticated reminder system starts with a bright visual display and audio message, including instructions on how to take medications. If the client doesn’t touch or click a “Done” button, POCA repeats the reminders and will call the client if there is still no response. The phone call allows the client to indicate that the activity has been completed or to ask for help, in which case CareGo™  will call a family member or caregiver.
  • Home Health Testing. Wireless devices that work in concert with POCA allow for easy home testing of blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen and glucose levels and more.
  • Communication with care givers, friends, and family is built into POCA. It includes two-way video (similar to Skype), phone calling, reporting and journaling features.
  • Whole Health is important which is why POCA can be used to share pictures, videos, games, and more.

How CareGo™  works for Caregivers

Caregivers access POCA in order to:

  • Add medication, appointment, therapy or other reminders;
  • Check the status of reminders and measurements;
  • Video call and share notes and reports with other caregivers;
  • Share videos, photos, and games with individual/patient.

There are currently 3 ways that Caregivers can access POCA:

  • A duplicate POCA can be loaded onto any Windows 7 or 8 computer, laptop, or tablet. In this way the caregiver can access all calendar and communication features and view status of reminders.
  • IngeniumCare offers a mobile application for Windows phones. The mobile application displays the daily calendar and shows all activities that are scheduled for the day. The calendar indicates whether the client has completed or missed each activity. CareGo™  can send a text providing reminders for activities. Future development includes additional functions for the mobile phone, including alerts for missed activities and health measurements that are out of range.
  • And, caregivers can access POCA information via the web-based, administrative interface. At this site a “dashboard” view shows the completion status up for all activities scheduled for the day.  Alerts are displayed for any vital sign measurement that is out of normal range. Medications, measurements, and treatments can be added, edited, or discontinued. Reminder strategies for any activity can be set, calendar appointments made, and notes written.