Family Caregivers

Family of Caregivers

Family of Caregivers

Individuals and Clients: You value your independence. You don’t want to be a burden. Yet you need support managing all your medications, appointments, and daily testing. Perhaps you live rurally or are alone much of the time. How can you maximize your independence, be safe, and maintain close touch with your family, friends, and care providers? If you can recognize an image and press it on a touch screen then CareGo®   can help you do all of those things.

Caregivers: Do you have elderly parents, an injured spouse or other loved ones you worry about? Do you live in another city or another state? Or, are you a professional caregiver with multiple clients with a variety of issues? The CareGo®  caregiver support system lets you “be there” remotely using technology.

Features of CareGo®  for Individuals and Caregivers:

  • Reminders: Medication, testing, and important calendar reminders are streamlined and simple for individuals and caregivers to manage.
  • Home Health Testing: Easy-to-use health monitoring tools for taking blood pressure, glucose level, and heart rate monitors work in concert, wirelessly, with CareGo®  caregiver system. Data from testing is immediately available to caregivers.
  • Communication: Two-way video, phone calls, email, notes, and reports keep a consistent line of communication between individual/client, family and friends, and caregivers.
  • Whole Health: Social photo sharing and slide shows, educational videos, and fun games are all part of the comprehensive CareGo®  system. How these features are used depends on individual’s and caregiver’s level of need and computer savvy.

If your loved one is receiving services from a healthcare provider, such as a home health or home care agency or hospice, healthcare professionals can communicate with you and your loved one- all on the same CareGo®  system. All family members, neighbors, church members, and anyone important to your loved one can be part of the care network and help keep your loved one at home for as long as possible.

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