Home Care Providers


CareGo®, by IngeniumCare, is a comprehensive, remote home monitoring and caregiver support system that extends the ability of healthcare providers to provide care without physically being present in the home. One of the largest challenges to maintaining fragile, chronically ill, and elderly patients at home is good communication and care coordination. A second challenge is medication management and compliance since failure to take medications correctly is a leading contributor to hospitalizations and readmissions. Identifying when a chronic condition is getting worse and intervening quickly reduces trips to the emergency room, improves patient health outcomes, and reduces costs for the healthcare system.

CareGo®  helps with all of these challenges by:

  • Providing medication reminders and alerts to family and caregivers when medications are missed
  • Collecting health measurements using wireless devices and alerting caregivers to out of normal range values
  • Enabling patients to easily initiate communication with family and caregivers using two-way video and/or phone
  • Creating a secure care network for communication of health data between the patient, family, and caregivers.

Remote Health Monitoring and Caregiver Support - IngeniumCare